June 15, 2024

Advance COG RSI Indicator 2021 Free Download

COG RSI Indicator

COG RSI Indicator

COG RSI is an RSI indicator. It is stands for center of gravity Relative strength indicator. This indicator is the combination of two indicators like COG and RSI.

COG RSI Indicator

This indicator is used for identifying the stock price of the market trend and price levels in the market trend. This indicator was developed by J. Welles Wilder in the 1970’s. This contains on advance strategies of the market trading.


RSI tells the overbought and oversold change. RSI moves between 0 and 100 points. When the RSI line move below the 30 then it means that there is a chance of oversold.


When the RSI line moves upward 70 then its means that there is an overbought signal. When the buy signal occurs then its means that the price movement is high and there is a great change in the market trend. When the sell signal happens then its means that the price is decreasing that may cause loss for the traders.

The indicator defines the maximum opportunities for the trader for trading in the market place. COG RSI indicator is used to know the technical and analytical behavior of the stock exchange in the market place.

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