October 26, 2020

Double Cci (Commodity Channel Index) Trading Strategy Metatrader 4


The Double CCI trading strategy is a forex trading strategy used for detecting the rapid movements in smaller timeframes. It is based on scalping strategy; it is useful in lower time frames.  It is used to detect the trend filters and entry signals of the market trend.

The name double CCI refers to two different CCI indicators used on one system.In this strategy, four different types of indicators are used which are given below:

Forex indicators: –

  • 4X sema indicator
  • CCI indicator periods 66
  • ASC trend indicator
  • CCI indicator periods 133.

4X Sema Indicator: –

It is a simple zigzag indicator. It is used to detect the higher, lower, and medium periods of the market trend.It is used to determine the breakouts in the market changings. It plots dots to create the zigzag lines on the indicator chart.The basic use of this indicator is that it is used to detect the direction of the price actions and it also tells that where to buy and where to sell.

It is also used to detect the level of the entry in trade; it is also used to detect the right time for the trade and levels of exit in the trading sessions.

CCI indicator periods 66

CCI stands for Commodity Channel Index ad it is created by Donald Lambert. It is an indicator for forex trading system that is used to detect the price average movements in the market trend.It is used to detect the trend changings which expert traders use for help in their trade

It is used to track the price movements. It is used for the comparison of the current price with the price of a specific timeframe. This indicator uses a specific formula for help in detecting the moving averages, deviations in the market trend, and price hangings.


(Typical Price – Simple Moving Average) / (0.015 x Mean Deviation) 3


ASC trend indicator

The ASC trend indicator is a trend following indicator used to detect the trend changings in the market trend. It is used to identify the bullish and bearish trends in the market tendency.

It provides signals for all the currency pairs and buys and sells strategies. It also used the dot pattern for plotting the signals on the indicator chart detected from the market trend.It is used to detect changings in the dynamic price.



CCI indicator periods 133

It is similar to CCI indicator period 66, but in this indicator 133 periods are used instead of 66. It gives more accurate results than the previous one. It is also used to track the activities of the traders in the market trend.

These entire indicators help the Double CCI indicator to make an accurate and profitable trade.


The Double CCI trading strategy is one of the best scalping strategies. It uses different indicators for accurate and perfect measurement. Mostly, it detects the price changings, the direction of the trends, and tracks the trader’s activities. It is applicable for all the traders, no matter they are beginners, advanced, or expert traders.