June 15, 2024

Forex Crocodile Trading System

Forex crocodile system is a forex trading system used to detect price changings, trend changings, and changings in the market condition. This system is automatic. It is a very simple trading system.It automatically creates the buy and sells signals on the indicator chart for the traders.

Details about Forex crocodile system

It is the most common strategy that is used in forex trading system. It is an applicable application for all the traders (beginners, advanced traders, and expert trader). Both short term traders and long term traders can use this trading system.

It is a technical trading strategy used for technical analysis. It uses different indicators as collaborative tools like Moving Average, RSI, and stochastic etc. the best indicators used with this trading system are RSI and Stochastic Indicators. These two indicators act as bottom lines of this indicator.

INDICATORS USED IN Forex Crocodile Trading System: –

RSI: –

The RSI indicator is an indicator used to detect the relative strength of the market trend.It is an oscillator in nature. It is used to detect overbought and oversold in the trade. This indicator is also used for scalping. It uses some specific pips to detect specific up and downs in the trends. Mostly, it uses bearish or bullish trends.


The stochastic indicator is an indicator used to detect the momentum in the market trend. It measures the momentum by comparing the close price at a specific time interval. It is also used for technical analysis. It is also an oscillator indicator in nature. It tells the momentum of the volatile market. It plots a graph on the histogram chart.

FEATURES Forex Crocodile Trading System

Forex Strategist SR: 

Forex Strategist SR appears on your chart where there’s a possible price reversal. It comes in two forms. When there’s possible bullish reversal within the falling market, grey coloured bricks like shapes appear below the worth chart with the blue coloured arrow pointing upward. And where there’s a possible bearish reversal during a rising market yellow coloured bricks like shapes appear above the worth with a red coloured arrow pointing downwards. These arrows are going to be one among the most signals for our trading.Forex Strategist MA:

Forex Strategist MA consists of two moving averages one blue and another red.Bands Stop:

Bands Stops is employed to work out the potential entry points.

Forex Strategist Stops:

This tool is employed to seek out the trend of the market.

Forex Strategist Bull-Bear:

Forex Strategist Bull-Bear filters the trend and makes it easier for traders to spot the market trend.RSI and Stochastic:

 RSI and Stochastic are wont to determine the overbought and oversold conditions and therefore the crossovers are wont to confirm the trade.


The forex crocodile trading system has many uses. Some of them are given here. Forex crocodile system is used to detect the momentum, moving averages, scalping, and the relative index of different market trends.

It uses different indicators as collaborative tools that work properly and give accurate readings in the market trend.

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