May 25, 2024

Free Price Border Indicator Download For Meta Trader

Price Border Indicator

Price Border Indicator

The price border indicator is an indicator that can find high and low swings in market trends. It plots a 3-band envelop to identify price changings. This indicator can also define the market trends using its band’s features. It is a trend following indicator because it detects the changings in the market trend. This indicator is the best indicator or forex trading. It can trade with every currency pairs with every time session.


Price border indicator works like Bollinger band indicator. It also indicates oversold and overbought signals in the market trend. It also provides dynamic supports and resistance levels. In this indicator lower band indicates oversold and the upper band represents the overbought in the market. The mid-band indicates the trend decider that whether the market trend is moving up or down. Price border indicator also tells about bu and sell entry and exit. As every indicator is used for earning healthy profits in the trade so this indicator also has taken profit and stop-loss strategy.

Price border indicator has some rules for buy and sells entry and exit.


There are some rules for buy entry which are given below:

Rules for entrance in Trade

Begin a buy entry in the indicator when it is displayed on the chart. Price border indicator uses blue upward pointed arrow for a buy signal. Rules for entrance are given below:

  1. When the blue arrow pointed upward and dotted lines began to start moving slowly below the candlestick pattern, the price begins to high, buy the designated currency pair at that point.
  2. If the blue line and green histogram candlestick pattern of the Non-Repaint began moving above the level, a bullish trend appears at that time and buy signal appears and it is the best time to buy currency pair available at that time and stop-loss at that time.


Rules for exit in trade are given below:

  1. If the Non-repainting indicator forms red arrow acting downward that is a place above the candlestick pattern bullish trend forms here and it is the time to exit for a buy entry. At that point, the traders can take profit.
  2. If the blue dotted line appears in the Non-Repainting indicator and it is moving downward the 0.00 level or a specific pip, a bullish power appears here and exit and take profit is suggested by the indicator.

Rules for Sell entrance:

Following are the rules for sell entry:

  1. If the red dotted line and red pointing arrow orients above to some range above the price bars, price in the market began moving low in the market, you can sell Forex currency pairs at that time.
  2. If the blue dotted line and red histogram signal move below the pip or 0.00 levels, a bearish trend appears it is the best time to sell and stop loss.



Following are the exit rules for sell entry:

  1. If the indicator forms a blue pointed arrow below the candlestick pattern then it is the time to exit for sell entry and take profit here.
  2. If the blue dotted lines are moving upward to the 0.00 levels or specific pip then it created bearish trend then exit for sell and take profit is recommended by the indicator.


The price border indicator has too many uses. Some of them are given here. This indicator is used to detect the changings in the price. Price border indicator is also used to find out the changings in the market trend. It is the best trend following indicator.  It also offers the buy and sells strategies. it can be used to take profit and stop loss in the indicator.

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