July 15, 2024

Best Supply and Demand Zone Indicator Mt4 Free Download

Supply and Demand Zones Indicator1

Supply and Demand Zones Indicator1

One of the main techniques used in trade is Supply and Demand. It focuses on the old supply and demand laws and tells that how prices in a cheap market can be up move. The basis of this approach is that the price is determined by the sum of an item that is available and on the demand of customers.

Supply and Demand Zone Indicator

This indicator is categorized into different zones. It describes areas on the graph where demand destroys supply that is called demand zone and increases the price, or where supply destroys demand that is called supply zone that can slows down the price. Many supply and demand traders wait for the price to reach these areas, where major buying or selling actions happened, before they also enter a long position.

Traders with their own rules of entry in the zones can create zones strongly or smartly. Trading View has a smart drawing tool that enables users to define these zone level on a graph smartly. Supply and demand zones provide a good overview of the development of any market. The good news is that in all time periods, supply and demand zones can be used with good success. On timeframes greater than 60 minutes, I would still recommend that you use them.

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