June 15, 2024

Best Trading volume Indicator Free Download

Trading Volume Indicator1

Trading Volume Indicator1

Trading volume indicator tells the total volume of the assets that are used in the market trading. This indicator is used to calculate that how much the total financial assets are used for trading purpose at a specified period of time.

Trading volume Indicator

In market stock exchange the volumes are measured in the form that how many market shares are sued for trading. This all calculation is done on the base of the future contracts and pervious and current contracts for market trading.

Increment of Volume

The volume indicator plays very important role in the technical analysis of the market. This indicates that if the volume size is increasing then the market has a strong change in the trend. That’s means that the market price is increasing. The green color is used for up volume.

Decrement of volume

If the volume size is coming down then it indicates that the market price is decreasing. Here the increasing and decreasing value of the price is totally depending on the trading volume. The red color is used for down volume.

Leading Indicators for Market trading

The volume indicators are the leading indicators that are used for identifying the market trend and trend direction. This is the most famous and old indicator for market trading.

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