July 15, 2024

Volume Indicator for Meta Trader 4

Volume Indicator

Volume Indicator

Volume indicate the quantity of any Asset that is traded for any specified time period it contains any security or instrument. Volume indicator is most common and old indicator for day to day trading.

Volume Indicator for Meta Trader 4:

Volume indicator work on two different colour bar graph that represent trade of given security for a time frame usually green and red. Red colour represent down price move for oversold volume and green colour represent up price move for overbought volume and High buying volume show support level and high selling volume shows resistance level. High volume also shows high interest over security. Volume indicator keep track of buy sell closing price and all signals that can be Breakouts, Trending Stocks, Volume Spikes, False Breakouts.

Signal of Volume indicator:

Reversal of trend: reversal of high and low price can be spot when the level of stock break through break condemning levels. Volume moves toward trends directions indicate stock which is necessary to purchase and stock for time.

Volume to put a stop to: when there is abnormal increase in volume indicate a reversal in trend this turn can be profitable and these are basic turning point for traders, they take it as opportunity.

This step initially depends on identifying right time and place and they can be on both short or long wicks. Place your stops directly above the high or low of the first candle.

Failed trade: one of the biggest fairs is failed trade and question arise how to recognise failed trade.  observe breakout and when you realize volume on the breakout aim was less than superterres trial and stock moves differently so this was a failed or bad trade.

Additional signals: You can use the peak of the first candlestick as a logical point to exit the trade

Two Blockchain ETFs: also known as BLCN are two tricky signals are related to crypto industry they are famous and always high on chart because of so many trades placed.

overspread of Volume on Price:
in simple words it is a technique by identifying potential buyers that where they are trading this will help you to be sure of support and resistance level or high and lows are valid. This is key secret hidden and also key of success.

Important point and conclusion:

Volume Indicator for Meta Trader 4 and 5 is best indicator working public offering or securities but it can nor provide you buy and sell signals so most traders combine it with Fibonacci indicator to confirm signals. Volume indicator can give information how strong a trend is. It works with the relation of price and volume of security.

the best thing in this indicator is it predict markets ups and downs. Volume can also be an indicator of market strength, as the rising up markets on increasing in volume are viewed as strong and healthy markets. And important thing to keep in mind is but that a price drop or rise on small volume is not a strong signal.

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